Sunday, November 19, 2017
Breckenridge Christavia
Breckenridge Christavia Becky Breckenridge with her Christavia from hangar #52.
Dave Edtl
Dave Edtl from H.#68 on the day he first flew his RV he recently finished building.
Rick Mandrell
Rick Mandrell from Hangars #14 and 16 with his Super Cub.
Darrell and Penny DeBoard
Darrell and Penny DeBoard with their RV-7 Darrell just got flying from Hangar #20.
John Gordon
John Gordon getting ready to fly his Stearman from Hangar #42.
Ron Blash
Ron Blash flying his Mentor T-34A from Hangar #31.
Lou Churchville
Lou Churchville with his PA-22-150 from Hangar #11.
Kenny Chapman
Kenny Chapman with his son, Clinton, flying his PT-22. Hangar #47
 Bob Gardiner
Bob Gardiner with his RV-8 from Hangar #22
Jerry Hawks
Jerry Hawks from Hangar #40 with his Piper-Carter PA-11
Jeff Peterson
Jeff Peterson with his Aeronca 7EC from Hangar #21
Roger Starr
Roger Starr from Hangars 1 & 3 with his Fairchild
Dale Weir
Dale Weir pictured here with his Fleet bi-plane. Hangar #25
Lee Cundiff
Lee Cundiff with his Stearman from Hangar #32.
Richard and Linda Melhoff
Richard and Linda Melhoff pictured here from Hangar #18 with their 1929 WACO ATO Taperwing
Perry Roberstson
Perry Roberstson flying his Powered Parachute from Hangar #19.