Sunday, November 19, 2017

Airhaven calm wind runway changed to RWY 02, as of June 5, 2008

Aurora's calm wind runway is RWY 35 as of June 5, 2008


The multicom for Lenhardt's is 122.9, usually unattended.  Calm wind runway is RWY 02 as of June 5, 2008.  Land runway 02 or 20 depending on the wind.  The windsock is located mid-field on the east side of the strip.  The primary 3200' strip is paved asphalt with center line markings and there is an adjacent grass strip located on the FBO/hangar (west) side of the paved strip.  Landing is OK on the grass strip, traffic permitting. You can use the grass strip as a taxiway or announce back-taxi on the asphalt, traffic permitting. Keep straight approach and departure for 1/2 mile before/after turns. (neighbor friendly)


Hubbard Lenhardt Airpark is located in a rural noise sensitive area and there is a school next to the departure end of RWY 02 so please reduce power after takeoffs and fly at pattern altitude of 1000' MSL.  Field elevation is 170'.


Vertical slope indicator lights are located on both runways.  02 is set at 7 degrees to clear the trees and 20 is 4 degrees.  Flashing red means too low.


Use caution for aircraft in the Aurora State airport, located 4 miles northwest.  Their frequency is 122.7.  You can also receive Aurora ASOS on 118.525 from several miles out, which will give you an excellent indication of the winds and weather conditions at Lenhardt's. Aurora's calm wind runway is RWY 35 as of June 5, 2008


Portland Approach for the local area is 126.0, and Seattle Center, just to the south, is 125.8

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