Bruce Swayze
Bruce Swayze earned his Private Pilot License. Congrats, Bruce!
Congrats to Gavin Burn on achieving his Private Pilot License March, 2022
Congratulations to Tom Elting on earning his Private Pilot license on February 7, 2022 at Lenhardt Airpark!
Congratulations on your first solo, Max Holstad!
Tom Elting soloed on March 31
Norm Wiesner Solo
Matt Viehdorser earned his Private Pilot’s license
Peyton Petacost accomplished her first solo!
Kobe Gustafson Solo
Gavin Burn’s first solo
Brandon Slater passed his checkride!
Bruce Swayze Solos
James Gilliam earned his private license. Congratulations!
Congratulations, Ryan Reinhart! Another Private Pilot Examination completed at Lenhardt Airpark.
Pat Zotti soloed for the first time on August 16th. Congrats Pat!
Brandon Slator accomplished his first solo at Lenhardt Airpark
Justin Oberlander celebrating his Private Pilot license accomplishment
Elise Lam with her Private Pilot certificate. Congratulations Elise!
James Gilliam successfully completed his first solo
Congratulations to Andrea Johnson, for completing her first solo!
Congratulations to Private Pilot, Darryl Lenhardt.
Congratulations Brian Foster, completed his Private.
Congratulations Ethan Benatan, completed his first solo
Brent Lam completed his private checkride
Matt Viehdorfer completed his first solo.
Justin Oberlander’s first solo July 2019
Charlie Kaluza & Peter Lang’s RV-12 first flight May 30, 2019
Ryan Weinhardt soloed May 12th 2019
Elle Johnson earned her Private Pilot’s Licence – Congratulations, Elle!
Elise Lam soloed January 7th 2019
Conrad Kristensen earned his Private Pilot License
Sandy Zuroff receives her Private Pilot License
Congratulations to Julia Cleary after passing her check ride!
Trevor Holman receiving his Private Pilot License
Congratulations to Private Pilot Spencer Rice
Becky Breckenridge with completed Christavia Project
Dave Burnett Private Pilot License completion
Congratulations Private Pilot Robert Paradis
Congratulations Tim Corcoran for his first Solo
Trey Durkey Completed his first Solo
Dave Duemling Soloed August 26th!
Dennis Byers earned his private June 5, 2019